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Things to tell.

When I open this blog, I just hovering around, dont really know what to do. There are indeed so many things to be told, but yet i still want to confine them to myself. For umpteenth times, I type type and type and delete delete delete. Things are better to be kept to myself, secretly I guess.

I have an obsession now, of The Big Bang Theory. I watch each episode again and again, up to the level that I already remember some complicated dialogue of course said by Dr Sheldon Cooper. It’s not the idea of big bang theory (by Charles Darwin) itself that I am fan of, definitely not and I can say that I am 100% not agree with that, but this TV series really gets my attention. Every Thursday night, I cook dinner as soon as possible so that when abang arrive home by 8.30 o’clock we can eat and watch the brand new episode together.

I am really a fan of car boot sale. You know, there was a month in last summer that I went to the second biggest carboot sale for every weekend of the months, without missed! I didnt have any intention to search for anything, specifically, but man once you enter the field, everything even an old rusty kettle look tempted ;) . Unfortunately everything has an end, so does the carboot sale. It is closed now along the winter and will be opened again next month, yeay. But not to worry I found few other smaller places with the same orientation where I can spend hours wondering around, and the best thing about them are, all are for BABY and kids, which I am a big fan. Like today I spend £50 buying some books and toys for kids at a baby jumbo sale near Clapham Junction. Last week I spent £60 buying books shoes and toys for kids at another baby nearly new sale at Wimbledon. I guess I am just lucky because abang is very supportive about this. I did explained to him about how many children books we can get with £10 at say, WH Smith and the multiplied of them we can get from the jumbo sale with the same amount of money. It is 5 times more, and all the books are in decent condition some are even new or I guess hardly read. So abang without any objection trying to make up some times for his wife and children to go to surveyed jumbo or nearly new sale on the weekend.

Abang plays football every week now, during the time which I consider all for him. Sometimes I feel terrible as I do notice he doesnt get enough time for himself. Aminah is one super active girl. She loves to cling on her daddy, and play with whatever thing people do. She is a copy cat, a follower and very loud. There was once when I saw Aqeef cover his ears with his hands while Aminah was screaming. Sometimes he just get too annoyed with Aminah. But most of the times they make a best friend. Aqeef is a very protective little boy. When I bring him to playground he will be busy keeping Aminah safe instead of playing. He is also very judgemental, be careful with him ;) His teacher told me that he never want to eat any food serve at his school during snack time apart from what I supplied him with. Before Christmas holiday started, his school organised a Christmas party. Parents were invited. I peeked through window and saw the kids were sat around the table for feast. Despite other kids that enjoy eating together Aqeef was very suspicious of the food given to him. He checked everything, and only ate a bite before surrendered. I think taking food from people other than me and abang is just too extreme for him.

I am still overwhelm with my sewing project. Will update about it later. Abang got me an overlocker machine as Aminah’s birthday present. It is a secondhand Singer, but still in a very good working condition, even came in original box and packaging together with manual. And the model is from 2011 so it is quite new. I dont know why the previous owner sold it. If it’s a house people will start to question is it haunted? Why sell it at a cheap price, merely brand new and hardly used. Luckily it’s just an overlocker. or maybe it is A haunted overlocker? Gosh I just went too far in my imagination.

I made a pact to myself since I dont know, like a week ago. I want to be a positive person. Hehe that actually pact that I renew every day, or perhaps every hour. But the thing is when you promise yourself to be positive, everything seems to be easier. Like seeing Aqeef and Aminah’s toys around the house. Looking at them negatively as another extra task to be completed is a burden, but if you see them positively, there you go – another exercise to keep mommy fit and healthy and nurture my children’s interest in learning and exploring new things.

I want to be a positive mommy. Fuh fuh fuh. And that’s all things to tell :)

It’s December again

Gahhh…it’s the end of December again. I heard some rumors about London getting snowy on 25th December, but it didn’t. So we have to wait and see if the snow going to wash London’s earth again on this coming February, like usual.

Did I tell you that we have moved to another house. It has been 3 months. So anybody who requested my address and still keeping it intending to use it later, hope you can contact me again to change the address.

This is Aqeef and Aminah last week.

Aminah is a very friendly baby. And Aqeef is a very good brother that always sits and talks to his sister. They both make best friend. Now I am the most careful mum on earth. You know having a 22 months old son that love to bounce and jump everywhere. I know he tries his best to avoid her but many times, he fell within an inch of Aminah. Sometimes when he runs on the bed, it thrills me enough to see him jumping over her, right on Aminah’s tummy. The thing is when I put Aminah into her crib, Aqeef will jump inside too and lie down beside her.I don’t know whether it’s “mommy I need attention too” act or it’s because he really loves his sister.

I am into sewing again. Will update later about it.

Life around the time

It’s been quite a long time since my last post, approximately a month back.What happen since the last day I posted? You know, Aqeef-Aminah-Aminah-Aqeef-daddy-study-hospital thingy-living oversea-cooking-house cleaning and some other things revolved around.What a chores!

I used to doubt when people called me a wonder woman, but now I’m admitting, perhaps they’re right. I really am.I am a mum with two babies, one is 21 months old and the latest, Aminah is 5 weeks old.I am a wife, I do cooking, I do laundry when my newborn baby was only 6 days old, and I endure my ‘pantang’ thingy all alone without my mum or mum in law, with the only person can be referred to is my husband (who has lesser experience in hands than me haha). I live oversea with so much things, weird things I mean, come around. But no less, I made it, alhamdulillah.

Another things, around my hiatus was the publishing of my book, SAKINAH MAWADDAH. A thin 208 pages-life with some crisis novel, published by Telaga Biru. Already in market since early September, just couldn’t make it to be shared here. You can buy it (if you want to) from any book store that selling books from Telaga Biru. The link is here, SAKINAH MAWADDAH.I haven’t see it yet, still waiting for my sister’s parcel to reach London.

Both my kids are doing really good.Aminah is such a good and understanding baby. Aqeef has grow up so much.With so many genius ability, inherit from daddy. Aminah is now 4.2kg, Aqeef is 10 something and me, still 40kg.I wont burden my mind thinking about my loss so much post pregnancy weight so I end up eating so much food to see if it can help me putting up some weight but unfortunately it doesn’t. Nonetheless I’ve tried.

It’now the beginning of winter. Days become very gloomy, and shorter. Life is more comfortable staying in the house rather than to go out, especially with a small baby like Aminah. But Aqeef is a toddler that need to be brought out to see the world and learn. Sometimes i just can decide which baby’s needs is to be fulfilled huhu.Lucky me that abang is very helpful. Sometimes he goes out, just alone with Aqeef to bring Aqeef for a walk while mommy stay home to take care of Aminah.

I miss my family at Malaysia so much, but with all the bustle here, I still don’t meet any best time to go home. I pray may Allah make it easier for me to manage mine and my family’s life. Aamiin.

After a week back to London

How fast time flies I feel it was just yesterday when I was so lazy to pack our luggage and now it’s already a week and 1 day since we left Malaysia. Definitely it is a hard thing for me. Aqeef is like usual, but has improves more in kegedikan dan kemanjaan. He learnt too much when we were home at Malaysia. He learnt how to have a big family when everyone gave huge attention to him served him like a prince, things that I had tried so hard to do before we went back to Malaysia but might be lack with so much aspect. Aqeef is Aqeef. He loves attention, he loves to play. He is not scare of anybody. Anybody can take him up, play with him and even pamper him to sleep. When we arrive this quiet home of London, Aqeef feels a lot missing but he slowly learns. The only one person that take too hard to learn is ME. I cry every single day want to go back to Malaysia. As if I never stay away from family before.Huhuhu. But day fades away. Sometimes I am just too busy that I can forget all my homesickness. But then once I remember it again, I blame myself. I feel as if I am forgetting my family. Is it a psychiatry problem by the way? Nauzubillah. I hope not.

Aqeef is now 1 year 2 months and half. He can do many things now. Not enough to be write here. He is an active boy. Sometimes he sleeps with shoes on because he really wants me to bring him for a walk. I just can’t stand to see how cute he is especially when he tries so many things that sometimes make me wonder where does he learn them all? Sometimes he does things that we never show him. Like every morning he tries hard to prepare daddy’s shoes when daddy is going to work. He does cute things that cheer up my day, every day. Every time. Even when he is sleeping I laugh by myself because he looks funny but at the same time beautiful. He is love of my life.

It’s now May, and suppose to be early summer. But it still a bit wintery. I mean really like winter. I don’t know where is wrong but after all it’s Allah’s plan. That we’ve to obey. Not much we can do in this kinda weather. We just went to the park, the same park 3 days consecutively. Hyde Park. Beside to rest, it was actually to bring Aqeef to walk. He is now an active walker. He walks much and he loves it. Alhamdulillah that Allah send him the ability to walk in this age. We couldn’t be grateful more.

He loves pigeons. He loves to feed the pigeons around the park. He is not interested much in swans and ducks but pigeons yes. We’ve to wait an hour for him to finish a suppose to be 10 minutes walk because he kept chasing pigeons and squirrels. And he stopped many times checking the road. Daddy said he is ‘Jabatan Kerja Raya’. haha.

One thing I realised is Aqeef doesn’t keen with the idea he walks with daddy while mommy pushing his pushchair forward.Or vice versa, he walks with mommy and daddy pushes his pushchair. He wants everybody to walk along with him. In a line. Nobody in front and nobody walks at the back. According to daddy he actually wants a happy family. A happy family walks together. Hehe. How brilliant this little kid of mine.

Let’s see some pictures.

Snowy London 2012

I thought London would not get any snow this year, but alhamdulillah last Saturday night after a freezing all day, a thick snow than poured down. I was at the lounge when abang suddenly asked me look at the window. I peeked through the window directly to the street light and said “Uhh it’s just rain”. But then abang said “Oh yeah, it’s rain? Look on the road”. And woahhh the road had slightly been covered at the time. Since then I kept returning to window to look at the snow, and kept praying “May it doesn’t last for too short”, and kept looking at the border of the pedestrian and the road to make sure the thickness because abang said if it’s too shallow there was a possibility for it to melt quickly. And the next morning (Sunday) when we woke up….wow it was white everywhere, covered by a quite thick snow. Subhan Allah. So there was Aqeef’s very first snow at the age of 11 months and 1 week. But he seemed to not really like snow, he even refused to be put on the snow as if the snow is too weird for him. He was not in a very good mood btw.

We didn’t go far, all the pics were taken in front of our house. Ok now I can say that I am ready enough for springs.

An upset baby

With retard snow man, mommy made

Berry bush that now dried

Daddy’s attempt to start a snow ball fight

Trying to persuade Aqeef who was still not in the good mood

Just like in film

Covered car

Behind our house,the rail track