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The Departure

It was 3rd May, boarded on the MH 002, heading straightaway to Heathrow, London.

12 hours non-stop journey to Heathrow, London seemed not so long, well that’s it if you have a baby to be took care of. I can’t really sleep, to ensure that Aqeef doesn’t cry when he’s hungry. Afraid that he would probably disturbing other passengers. Another thing, I was worried if the hanging bouncer could fall and crash on the floor. Well even at only 1m high, but it’s involving a lot of shaking for a baby. That’s not good and can lead to infant death, nauzubillah.

Aqeef’s first flight boarding done well. He is a good boy. Even the stewardess didn’t believe that he was only 2 months, 1 week and 2 days old. That’s a min age to bring a baby into a plane. At first we wanted to demand for seats near the window. But then we realised that the seats that we were occupying are seats for parents with baby caused it has a hole to attach the baby’s bouncer. Nasib baik tak demand2 lagi, kalau tak memang maul.Tapi adatlah, first time to board a flight with a baby. Sebelum ni bawak diri je.

daddy babysat Aqeef while waiting for the call

Aqeef slept well in his compartment after taxi and take off

Look at his face. He’s still angry .“Why mommy and daddy wake me up? I wanna sleep!”

Ok, daddy is persuading him to sleep!

Hmmm… I love daddy’s lap. Such a fluffy mattress.

Coins in the bank (err actually it’s a sweets jar)

For real the coins counted RM171.25. I’ve started saved them since the very first few days of my pregnancy. They are mostly the remaining of our grocery spent, some I got from my husband’s pockets, and some from his car (he put them everywhere).Sometimes I got notes too, but the notes would be put into my purse. Once the coins are inserted into the pouch then into the sweets jar, he no longer couldn’t claim them as his. That’s how it’s worked.

And today, as Aqeef already aged 2 months 1 week and 2 days (means it’s already about 11 months since I first saved them), I don’t think the sweets jar is competent enough to be stored with more coin. Moving into another bigger jar isn’t a suit idea, these coins can’t be used in the UK plus it’s not clever to bring more weight into my already over-the-limit luggages. So I opted to change them into notes.

At the moment this entry is posted, the money had safely reached my sister’s and brother’s purses. I gave them as the farewell gift.

My adorable niece (yeah she is)

Arrived home after the farewell dinner around 11. And my little prince needed to be fed (again), his 2 years old cousin needed the pacifier. I prepared the milk, and went (or should I say ran away?) to my sister’s room to try new blouses we bought that evening. My twin younger sisters handled the two little boy and girl. One feeding Aqeef, another one handling the bossy princess, Najwa. They were all at the living hall.

Out of the blue of my disappearance into the room, my sisters swizzled upon something not so ridiculous but yet I think it was interesting. Here are what happened there.

Isn’t she is adorable? 2 years old girl to bottle feed a 2 months old baby is really an awesome moment. Just couldn’t help myself from clicking another memorable photos of my beloved niece. (I’m indeed a very nostalgic person)