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Kasut anak

I press the bookmarked bar, log in to the blog and lost million idea that assembled in my mind before.

Nak mengumpat dalam blog ni, daddy tak bagi huhu. Buat apa mengumpat, Allah marah. Dosa tau.

Mai citer sat. Anak teruna saya dah besar. Setiap hari bila kami bersiap nak keluar dia akan tolong ambilkan barang-barang adik Aminah. Kalau dia tengok mommy macam lalai dalam mempersiapkan adik Aminah dia akan terjerit-jerit ingatkan mommy supaya siapkan adik Aminah dengan baik.

Dia juga dah pandai pilih baju sendiri untuk dipakai, terutamanya kasut.

KASUT FEVERET BELIAU SEKARANG. Barangkali bila pakai kasut ni, terasa paling ‘in’ dan uptodate sekali. Kasut Thomas and friends (untuk pakai duduk rumah sebenarnya). Tapi beliau sarung dengan selamba sampai Camden dan Hyde Park. Kalau suruh tukar tu memang menangis tak mahu. Mentang-mentang kasut ini senang dipakai, boleh pakai sendiri dengan kudrat seorang jejaka 2 tahun 4 bulan.

oh, happy summer everyone.enjoy your summer

A teal maxi dress

Teal maxi dress

Yes, I sew and sew and sew again this recently. Sorry for the inconvenient caused by the overwhelming posting about sewing.

I sewed this teal maxi dress using the same pattern like previous maxi abaya. But I am a bit reluctant to call it abaya, because it is teal in colour. Is it permissible to call other colour dress as abaya except black?Huu. I don’t know.

The fabric is quite transparent chiffon, so it need to be worn with a black inner. Which then makes me think few times to wear it. I don’t wear it out yet. Not because I don’t like inner because it’s too hot (I know, I know it’s summer now) but because all my inners have shrunk (in other words, I have expanded haha).


I made the v-shaped neck dropped to the bust, trimmed with satin tape. Yes I know it is quite a wide opening, that’s why I have to wear an inner inside and cast my hijab down lower the chest.

The sleeves are elastic pleated. I learnt how to sew the elastic thread from my sister when I went back to Malaysia couple months ago.

Once again the bodice is pleated princess gown bodice just like the previous maxi abaya.

The brown small thing you see at the top of the picture is my handsome son’s foot. He was so eager to play with my camera :) He couldn’t wait for me to finish capturing my photos.



A maxi abaya

The maxi abaya

I’ve been taking quite a long time since I last posted about my sewing project. Due to the gloomy winter, our house in London didn’t get enough light, and that took away my mood to capture any photo of my sewing creation. But now it’s summer and I just recently realised that our bedroom gets more light than the lounge (even it is still quite gloomy). So here is my maxi abaya, I sew few weeks ago. And have worn it once last week to Regent’s Mosque. It is a very simple maxi, using the remaining of my previous abaya, which I bought for 4 metres but turn out that my size just need 2 metres fabric for maxi dress or abaya.Maybe this can be called a maxi dress but it is black so I prefer it in term of abaya.


The sleeves are straight cut and intended to be quite small but not so tight (at least to my hands)


Pleated detail at bodice

I made the simplest round neck, trimmed with zigzag stitch, and ended with a pair of small hook buttons. The bodice is pleated, under breast, considering my body figure now :) . I suppose to put a pair of ribbon, but then I forgot.

Wore it with a blouse shirt last week. Because the bodice is quite body hugging.Maybe it’s needed to be altered next time (depends on my hardworkingness level :) )

After a week back to London

How fast time flies I feel it was just yesterday when I was so lazy to pack our luggage and now it’s already a week and 1 day since we left Malaysia. Definitely it is a hard thing for me. Aqeef is like usual, but has improves more in kegedikan dan kemanjaan. He learnt too much when we were home at Malaysia. He learnt how to have a big family when everyone gave huge attention to him served him like a prince, things that I had tried so hard to do before we went back to Malaysia but might be lack with so much aspect. Aqeef is Aqeef. He loves attention, he loves to play. He is not scare of anybody. Anybody can take him up, play with him and even pamper him to sleep. When we arrive this quiet home of London, Aqeef feels a lot missing but he slowly learns. The only one person that take too hard to learn is ME. I cry every single day want to go back to Malaysia. As if I never stay away from family before.Huhuhu. But day fades away. Sometimes I am just too busy that I can forget all my homesickness. But then once I remember it again, I blame myself. I feel as if I am forgetting my family. Is it a psychiatry problem by the way? Nauzubillah. I hope not.

Aqeef is now 1 year 2 months and half. He can do many things now. Not enough to be write here. He is an active boy. Sometimes he sleeps with shoes on because he really wants me to bring him for a walk. I just can’t stand to see how cute he is especially when he tries so many things that sometimes make me wonder where does he learn them all? Sometimes he does things that we never show him. Like every morning he tries hard to prepare daddy’s shoes when daddy is going to work. He does cute things that cheer up my day, every day. Every time. Even when he is sleeping I laugh by myself because he looks funny but at the same time beautiful. He is love of my life.

It’s now May, and suppose to be early summer. But it still a bit wintery. I mean really like winter. I don’t know where is wrong but after all it’s Allah’s plan. That we’ve to obey. Not much we can do in this kinda weather. We just went to the park, the same park 3 days consecutively. Hyde Park. Beside to rest, it was actually to bring Aqeef to walk. He is now an active walker. He walks much and he loves it. Alhamdulillah that Allah send him the ability to walk in this age. We couldn’t be grateful more.

He loves pigeons. He loves to feed the pigeons around the park. He is not interested much in swans and ducks but pigeons yes. We’ve to wait an hour for him to finish a suppose to be 10 minutes walk because he kept chasing pigeons and squirrels. And he stopped many times checking the road. Daddy said he is ‘Jabatan Kerja Raya’. haha.

One thing I realised is Aqeef doesn’t keen with the idea he walks with daddy while mommy pushing his pushchair forward.Or vice versa, he walks with mommy and daddy pushes his pushchair. He wants everybody to walk along with him. In a line. Nobody in front and nobody walks at the back. According to daddy he actually wants a happy family. A happy family walks together. Hehe. How brilliant this little kid of mine.

Let’s see some pictures.

Meet Elle, Aqeef’s new best friend

Do I sound exaggerate? I really hope that Elle and Aqeef can be a pair of best friend, and that will worth a week of my effort of knitting Elle with my own both hands.

Ok so Elle is an elephant, a knitted elephant that took a week from my life doing it. It’s petite and cute, might be a pygmy elephant because it’s too small but not that tricky even it does sounds tricky. But trust me if you get the pattern, even a dummy can do it. Elle is the name I gave him. Unlike elephants we watch in National Geographic or Animal Planet, Elle is not an African elephant, well it is a British because it was born at London. Elle sounds a bit female, but I believe it’s a male elephant.

Aqeef already has PoPo, a hippo, Browny, a bear and Barney (I guess you should know Barney, the purple dinasour). Barney can talk by himself, few recorded sentences,using a man’s voice that sounds so like ‘lelaki gatal’ and I’ve already memorised them. He repeatedly says “Hello to all my friend”, “You’re super duper”, “Remember I love you”. Pantang terusik menatang tu start berbunyi. What a boring purple dino. However PoPo, Browny and latest Elle can’t talk. So each time playing with his best friends, mommy has to do unpaid dubbing to characterize PoPo, Browny and Elle. That’s why mommy believes that Elle is a male elephant because mommy voices out male’s voice for him. Only Browny is a girl. Next time I’ll find another girl best friend for Aqeef.

So today, actually Aqeef got an invitation from his school friend to join a birthday party. That boy’s house is on the next street to ours. But as mommy is fasting and Aqeef is too small to join a party, mommy decided not to go. As a replacement, mommy and Aqeef with PoPo, Barney, Browny and Elle have picnic at the backyard.

You see, Barney and Browny cuba membuat pakatan sulit. Mereka selalu meminggirkan PoPo,mentang-mentang PoPo gemuk macam badak.

Daddy look, you always want to play ball with him, and now he already know how to play…He is ur Mesut Ozil!

PoohBall as opposed to football, it is played using hands. Suit a delicate baby!

BTW I wonder why daddy has this problem of calling Aqeef’s best friend using the name we gave them. He calls PoPo as badak, and Browny as Russ, which Russ is the name of that teddy bears’s manufacturing company. And now he calls Elle as Mahmud (actually he Malaysianised the mammoth). Weird daddy.

ooo before I forget, this is the picture of Elle before I assembled him. One day I’ll show him this picture and say, Elle look that was you before you become a proper elephant!