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You can choose, sayang

Aqeef used to be very fond of making friend, sometimes ago. I remember when we went to Green Park for a photography session on the first day of Eid last August when Aqeef kept chasing a girl and two Malaysian boys that older than him, who kept running from him while saying, “Let him chase us, don’t play with him”. Oh and don’t forget that very same morning at Malaysian Embassy during Eid Prayer, when Aqeef tried to make friend with two Malaysian boys that I guessed just arrived London (because they both still talking in Bahasa Malaysia). These two boys said, “Jangan kawan dia. Budak bodoh”.

That were the last things I can remember about Aqeef tried to make friend. Because soon after that ‘in a same day bitter experiences he had at embassy and Green Park’, he suddenly turned to a maturer little boy that doesn’t bother about making friend anymore. By soon, I mean really soon. Just few minutes after the event of chasing a girl and two boys that ran away from him happened, he decided that he doesn’t need that kind of ‘gedik’ friends in his life anymore. This little picture tells the story.

Still in his baju melayu, he decided to run and play all by himself. It was a tremendous fun in my heart actually. Honestly as a mum, I just couldn’t stand seeing my son being treated that way. But I know that kids, and their parents as well. At least one of them ‘inherited’ the habit from his parents. Who to blame?

Then times passes by. Aqeef recognises these faces that treat him badly, and he just doesn’t bother to be good to them anymore. He met them at few parties and didn’t play with them, met them several times while we were going out and never ever wanted to spend time with them.

It’s not that Aqeef has anti social behavior or anything because he has friends at school. There is a boy named Oli that treats Aqeef politely and very kind to him that Aqeef loves to play with. Then Leisya, Annabelle and some other. In my observation, Aqeef just couldn’t stand rudeness and he is easily irritated by gedikness, even in kids. And he just doesn’t like to be friend with kids that love to shout or play aggressively.

I am very keen with Aqeef’s decision to put certain qualities in his friendship valuation. That’s his right to choose. Just like mommy choose to stay indoor after finishing house chores rather than going ‘mokpeking’ or ‘mesyuarat tingkap’ around neighborhood.

You can choose sayang. You really can. Mommy absolutely has no problem with that.

Our Eid

It’s time to sum up some story here for I haven’t write anything this lately. Down busy with some mundane matter.

We start with Eidul Adha.
That very morning of Eid we were quite late so abang decided not to go to embassy for Eid prayer. We end up clad in comforter until it reached 11am when me finally decided to urge abang and Aqeef to wake up for some walk that brought us to Queensway.

There was no makan-makan things at embassy (we didn’t go there tho) that we then headed to a halal chinese restaurant that crowded with Malaysian. Signified our assume that all Malaysian at that time had no other place to go because Malaysian Hall was closed too :(

(to my family, that’s Aqeef’s new pushchair)

London is now very cold, around 5-6 deg. C everyday as it is the transition of autumn to winter. Daylight saving time had ended around half a month ago. And the day is much shorter than night. Maghrib falls around 4.30pm and around 5 everything seems to be like 10pm at Malaysia. Everyday we come back from class like freezing polar bear going hibernate. One weird thing is Aqeef enjoys his warm bath. If I delay his bath he rebels so much. And sometimes I have to persuade him to end his bath.

I put a start but I don’t know what to put as the end. Will write again soon. Have to help Aqeef with his homework.

Aidil Fitri di London

Eid Mubarak everyone. Tahun ni tahun pertama Aqeef beraya sebagai seorang bayi, tahun lepas beliau masih berstatus fetus 3bulan setengah dalam rahim mommy. Malangnya tahun ni kami tak dapat pulang beraya di Malaysia, jadi kami sekeluarga kecil ini hanya beraya di Kedutaan Malaysia di London. Sedih, tapi tak apalah tahun depan kita balik raya Malaysia. Makanan tak semewah dan selazat di rumah keluarga di Malaysia tapi demi meraikan anak yang belum faham pun raya tu apa, mommy masaklah pulut kuning, rendang ayam dan rendang daging. Buat cupcake sikit, biskut cornflake dengan chocolate chip cookies. Sebenarnya daddy yang request semua makanan. Alhamdulillah semua cooked well. Aqeef tukang ambik bau je, makanan dia tetap bubur seperti biasa dengan susu. Tidak wajarlah memberi baby 6 bulan seminggu makan pulut kuning di pagi raya khuatir akan bertukar menjadi JohnCena pulak di kemudian hari. Tapi Aqeef tetap mendapat bahagiannya, baju raya pertama. Tajuk besar jubah, tajuk kecik jubah Morocco agaknya, tajuk tak rasmi jubah belang-belang ataupun dalam erti kata lain bantai jelah mommy jahitkan baju yang paling senang dan selesa (sila rujuk gambar-gambar). Tapi jangan risau, walaupun senang tetap dijahit dengan sepenuh kasih sayang.

Oklah sebab menulis dalam bahasa Melayu demi tatapan kaum keluarga di Malaysia, idea menjadi kering. Lalu mari kita menonton gambar.

Salam Aidil Fitri daripada kami sekeluarga, Mohd Shukur, Norfaradina dan Aqeef Afwan. Maaf zahir dan batin

Aqeef versi Al Qaeda daddy kata sebab pakai kopiah dengan jubah. Tapi atuk kata sebab belah dalam pakai seluar jeans kurang sikit Al Qaedanya.

Tahun ini kami menyambut hari raya di perantauan. Walaupun di perantauan, tetap ada ketupat, tengok belakang kami tu. Tapi versi plastik, nak cari yang daun kelapa sila balik Malaysia.

Depan kedutaan Malaysia, Belgrade Square.

Ferarri anak raja Kuwait. Tapi yang depan tu memang bukan anak raja kuwaitlah ye. Minyak sawit pun bukan. Orang minyak harus. Tapi tetap menjadi pujaan hati Aqeef dan mommy.

Selepas menjamu selera haruslah pergi ke taman menjamu itik burung dan angsa sebagai tanda perkongsian rezeki.

Bayi yang cuba menayangkan baju rayanya.

Baju raya pertama Aqeef jubah belang-belang yang dijahit oleh mommy.

Eid Adha

How was your Eid Adha? Mine, nice one, all new experiences. Started my day, yesterday, preparing husband’s outfit and mine too. Then, headed to mosque which was my very first time experience. For 20 years in my life, I’ve never been to the mosque for Eid Fitri or Eid Adha jemaah prayer. Really, yesterday was the very first! Every years on Eid Fitri and Eid Adha, only men from my family went to the mosque. Women, stay home preparing food. I’ll make sure the next Eid I’ll go to the mosque.

Turning home, and we visited husband’s relatives. Here in Kedah, people wear raya outfit almost all day long, and visiting relatives still be a compulsary routine during Eid Adha. Eat all kind of nice food, and well, stomach got well pleasured. I slept in full for 3 hours till my mum in law ask us to go to another house. And the evening, rain poured so we didn’t go anywhere.

Today, woke up very early, and for the first time in my life, joining some aunties and grandmas, helping for a ‘kenduri’. On my single days, my mum never brought me to any kenduri for helping others. All done by the catering services. And ‘kenduri’ in my home at Melaka, even we don’t use the catering services, but all works done by woman in my family-only-no neighbour’s help (some do, but not as many as people who came to help at husband’s hometown). Now I’ve a mum in law and need to follow her to join ‘makcik-makcik’ group.

When Eid Adha, we’ll talk about pilgrimage and sacrifice. For me, I might have never been sacrified for others in my life, not much as I can remember. But this year, I made something that I think will be among the biggest sacrifice in my life – sacrifice my age of 20 to get pregnant and give birth to husband’s baby. Sacrified my teenager time to be a mum ealier than most of friends in same age do. And along with that, a sacrifice for my husband so he’ll be a father before his age reaches 30 in these coming 2 years. I’m happy doing all that. We’ll sacrifice in our own way, the older our age dash through, the much sarifice is needed. Be happy and pray to Allah. (“,)

Salam Eid Adha everyone!