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House cleaning and cookies making

Tekak ni teramatlah rasa nak makan sambal tempoyak daun kayu. Memang lauk kegemaran sejak dulu. Tapi duduk luar negara ni tak dapatlah nak makan macam tu lagi. Tengah fikir-fikir nak buat my very own version, tapi kena decide nak guna daun apa dulu. Mungkin esok boleh pergi cari bahan.

Minggu depan Aqeef habis cuti sekolah. Rasa sekejap sangatkan. Summer pun macam dah hujung-hujung je. Sepanjang summer lepas I tried my best to keep up with the kids home learning. Buat macam-macam aktiviti to make sure they learn walaupun sedikit. Aqeef, sesuai dengan namanya, ‘yang menumpukan perhatian’, bila dia buat sesuatu, fokus dia sangat macam daddy. Aminah? Dia berminat, tapi kena ada upah. Upahnya mudah je, makanan. Letak makanan atas rak buku yan dia tak boleh capai, dan cakap, “If you want that, you have to finish painting”. Dia akan buat sedaya upaya untuk dapat ganjaran makanan (macam kem tahanan perang pulak nak makan kena buat kerja :P )

Dalam bulan puasa, kami kemas rumah dan buat kuih raya sama-sama. Aqeef seems more interested, mungkin sebab mommy izinkan dia guna vacuum on his own, dan juga guna cookies cutter. Aminah tak berminat sangat lepas dia minta nak main vacuum dan mommy nak tolong pegangkan, sudahnya dia duduk atas sofa dan tengok kartun (merajuk). Masa buat kuih raya pula, daddy ‘terupah’ Aminah dengan makanan awal-awal. Jadi waktu Aqeef buat cookies, Aminah sibuk makan, tak sempat nak buat sangat. Lagipun Aminah kurang faham lagi, dia tak mahu tunggu cookies tu masuk oven dulu, dia nak ‘masak’ dalam perut dia terus. Lepas terap, terus nak masuk mulut. Bersilatlah abang Aqeef tak bagi.

Not child labour, just some fun activities together :)

In every activity, the aim are to
-get children to listen to direction ordered by adult
-work according to the right step to get something done
-appreciate every hard work in order to finish things
-counting (as aqeef count the cookies he managed to cut)

I want to sleep but urghh

I have problem with sleeping, now. And yet, it is not a strange thing for me. Once in every about 2 years, I suffer this. Sometimes when I rush myself to pick children from school, from childminder home, the urge to sleep comes, and I will imagine myself in the cosiest pj I have, and have the queen bed all to myself ready to have a nice sleep. But once I arrive home, with two little mouths that ask million of questions, asking food for zillion times a day, taking out everything literally two minutes after I finish cleaning and arranging their play area, sleeping for me seems a bit farfetched. Then at the end of the day when children already in their bed having their nicest sleep, I am the one who terkebil-kebil, persuading myself to have at least an hour sleep.

Abang said it is just for few months before i will be back to normal routine sleep, but this problem really tortures me a lot. it is hard to see your whole family sleeping when you know the next morning you have to wake up at the same time with them (or in my case much earlier) to prepare breakfast, clothes and the list goes on. not that i think it is not fair but sometimes i just wonder what my children are dreaming about in their sleeps when i cant put my own self to sleep. the phase of terkebil-kebil waiting for the urge to sleep sometimes turned into a sinister jealousy because abang aqeef and aminah can sleep properly, even just 5-10 inutes after they land on the pillows. Everybody seems to have a nice sleep but me.

Aminah will be going to Aqeef’s school this next autumn. Aqeef suppose to be in public school nursery (kindergarten) this autumn but I didnt apply a place at public school for him because I want him to stay at the school he went since last year so that they can go to the same school. One of the thing that make it easier to send them to private school is because they dont have to wear uniform, so I couldnt care less to wash and prepare uniform for them, plus Aminah has a closet full of clothes, some of them she doesnt wear yet. But there is a rumour this lately that the school planned to introduce school uniform this september. So we wil wait and see. Hopefully it will remain a rumour.

Look I am sleepy now, and it’s only 8 o’clock. If i sleep now, i wil not sleep later at night. tomorrow will be monday, I have so much things to do on monday, so I need a good sleep tonight. I really, desperately in need of a good night sleep. Hope this problem will go away soon It’s hard to live like a vampire at night but still have so many things to do during the day. At least vampire works at night and sleeps through the day.Huhu

Fish and beads

Aktiviti kami hari semalam, menyusun manik dan ikan kait menjadi rantaian (threading beads and knitted fish into chains). Aqeef said “I like beads”. Mentang-mentang mommy selalu cakap beads is for girl kalau dia ajak main beads.

Matlamat aktiviti ini bagi kanak-kanak di usia seperti Aqeef (toddler) adalah untuk menggalakkan mereka membuat pilihan (making choice) dan melibatkan mereka dalam mempertimbang keputusan (decision making), melalui pemilihan warna biji manik dan ikan kait. Sebab itu aktiviti ini menggunakan manik dan ikan berwarna warni.

Selain itu kemahiran lain bagi seorang kanak-kanak yang boleh dipertingkat melalui aktiviti ini adalah mengenali warna (colour identifying) dan mengira (counting).

Bagi sesetengah toddler terutamanya girl usia 3-6 tahun mereka akan mula melakukan kerja dengan cermat seperti memilih beads dengan bentuk tertentu dan menyusun warna dalam pattern tertentu yang tidak berulang. As for my kids, especially Aqeef (Aminah lagilah idoknya sebab dia baru setahun lapan bulan), belum sampai seru lagi nak ke tahap tersebut. But overall I am much satisfied with their achievement so far.

Bagi peringkat usia pre toddler seperti Aminah pula, aktiviti ini membantu meningkatkan kecekapan pergerakan otot tangan, kerana kanak-kanak perlu memasukkan tali tangsi melalui lubang beads, dan merangsang sistem penghantaran maklumat ke otak melalui penggunaan warna yang terang.

Mutual aim bagi kedua-dua peringkat usia pula adalah membantu anak-anak meningkatkan daya fokus dan melakukan kerja berdasarkan arahan dan cara yang betul.

*this activity must be supervised by an adult as colourful beads adalah sangat menggoda untuk dimasukkan ke dalam mulut. Bukan setakat Aminah, Aqeef pun try to eat few beads.

* I knitted the fish myself. Pattern can be downloaded soon :)

Once the chains completed Aqeef insisted to hang them somewhere so we hanged them at the play room canopy. Bila daddy balik je terus tunjuk and proudly said “I made it. Mommy and Aminah help”.

The outrage toddlers and parent’s new experience

So off abang go to Switzerland today. But yesterday wasnt an easy day for us. Abang and me had a new personal experience as parents yesterday. It was the first most adventurous day along my mommyhood journey. Or should I say it’s just the beginning? Out of the blue, my children, as if they got a shared hunch about their daddy is leaving them for a while, have gone berserk!

Our day started normal yesterday, abang sent Aqeef to school, I fetched him, brought him and Aminah to the health centre by bus, end up with the therapist had cancelled our session. Then brought them to a new playground nearby, and that’s where everything went off the line. Aqeef and Aminah enjoyed the playground so much, they didnt want to come home.I had to persuade them, but they kept saying “No no no”. When I tried to chase them, they both ran alternate ways. At one point I managed to catch Aminah, and tried to put her in the easy fold pushchair, she struggled, shook he body with all her energy, and the pushchair fell sideway. We spent an hour and half at the playground alone. On our way home, in the bus Aqeef didnt want to sit with me. He wanted to sit at the back of the driver. The pushchair area is at the middle of the bus. So I have to stand up in the middle of the bus keeping and eye on Aqeef while making sure Aminah’s pushchair didnt fall off because unlike the tandem buggy, this easyfold is really light, even with a child in it, once the bus take a lap, it is very likely to go backward. When the bus stopped to pick passenger, Aqeef tried to get off the bus using the front door. He knows it wasnt our stop yet but he just wanted to try because it looked fun! I shouted his name while running towards him but he already back off at that moment wearing his most innocence face like ” it’s only mommy who makes fuss about everything, I am fine”. I swear to God I saw him tried to get off the bus seconds before that! Everybody in the bus threw a funny smirk at me.

When we arrived home, luckily they both were too tired harvesting their own sweat at the playground. After a bottle of plain water for everyone, they went for their evening nap. I managed to do few things around the house.And when I finally remember about packing abang things, Aminah woke up, and without waiting any longer she went to Aqeef’s bed and stormed him with kisses and finally Aqeef was wide awake too. I went all over the house looking for abang’s clothes, wondering where they all gone and eventually found a basket full of dirty laundry under Aqeef’s bed. I point no one else but Aminah. She’s the only one in this house who finds clothes, be it clean or dirty, very interesting. She can spend hours putting on clothes to herself, not only hers but even daddy’s shirt and pants. So I rush downstairs, did laundry, because almost all the clothes abang wants to bring to Swiss are dirty. Then I remember our dryer machine doesnt work really well this lately. I rush upstairs, in an attempt to find what’s wrong with the machine. At that time I already had this suspicious feeling about how quiet my children were. They shut the main room door and played in it and it was really silent. But I resume my intention to the back room to the dryer machine. About a few seconds I already managed to pull out the problem. The machine is still in a very good working order it’s just the pipe to channel out the hot fume was facing towards the wall, leaving it no space to deliver out its content so the fume went back into the machine thus couldnt dry up our laundry. After putting it in the correct way, I ran (literally ran) to main room. And there were two young mild (I really mean mild, not wild) menace in their own adventure. Aqeef was trying to put Aminah in abangs luggage and successfully did so. He also manage to pull up the zipper. Aminah was inside the luggage thumping and knocking. And all the things I’ve put before already went under the bed. I had to crawl there to get them back. When I finish doing the luggage, they already went downstairs.

So while they were playing in the living room, I went to the kitchen. Thinking about cooking some rendang ayam and vegetable soup. Both abang’s favourite. Then abang suddenly appeared in front of the door. At 4 in the evening. And he didnt tell me he will come home earlier. He brought some food for him and the children. When I told him I want to cook rendang, he sighed. Then he said “Sayang pulak kalau tak makan makanan ni dah beli. Nanti macam membazir pulak”. So he ate the food. Around 8 I finished cooking, and abang managed to be hungry again. As hungry as a Kedah born man who work in a paddy field and constantly needs rice haha. But when I went to the living room, the children have already ran an amok again. This time they tore their fried chicken to small pieces and fed them to their toys. I wore my strongest face and cleaned them up as quick as possible while abang serving the food for our dinner. When Aminah saw her daddy was serving dinner, she climbed he booster seat. Abang left her for a while and went to the kitchen to take plates and drink and without wasting any chance of not being watched and told what to do, Aminah poured a jar full of coins into a bowl of hot vegetable soup. So we have to disposed the untouched soup, because I am not willing to risk ourselves to unknown viruses or copper taste vegetable soup. We dont know where the coins have been before, whose pocket they came from.

After dinner, me and abang went upstairs to pray. Aqeef and Aminah didnt want to come along. They wanted to play downstairs. And that was our big mistake. Letting them taking charge of themselves! After we have done performed our prayer, we still upstairs. abang asked me to help him ironing his clothes while he re-pack his luggage, put everything that I missed that evening. When we were done, I went downstair together with him. While we went down the staircase, I said “Bau apa ni. Bau sabun. Kuatnya. Baju tadi tak bilas bersih ke”. Abang agreed with me and not a few stairs after that abang peek in the kithen (our kitchen is parallel to the staircase) and he did istighfar, loudly in a very angry tone. A very disturbing thing had happened in our kitchen!

Aqeef and Aminah took out every detergent and mix them together and tried to wash the kitchen floor. You can see the orange brush at the left of the pic. When we caught them, Aqeef was scrubbing the floor using the brush and Aminah was mixing the compound in the pail. Strong chemical odour from the bleach burnt my eyes. But it was very fine with them. They were laughing and enjoying the new task as mommy’s kitchen cleaner. The house housing association and anybody who value the house as safe to be stayed in, have long thought about this, that’s why they supplied us with a key for the detergent cabinet, to keep the detergent and chemical out of the reach for children, but we never used the key, we never locked the detergent cabinet because never in our most sane thinking would ever think that
this kind of thing would ever happened!

And the night didnt end yet. After abang took them to bath and put them in their pjs they played in the main room. Me and abang were sorting out the mess they did in the kitchen. A box of 1kg laundry powder, a bottle of bleach for floor, a bottle of softener and toilet cleaner were drained to empty. Luckily they didnt know how to open the spirit bottle. But there was an attempt to take off the cap from the bottle. Aqeef’s teeth mark were all over the cap.

When we went upstair, things happened again. Abang’s clothes from the completely packed luggage has gone scattered! Aminah was in the luggage and Aqeef was laughing happily. At that point I tend to lose my patience but abang said they just feeling something is wrong that’s why they did everything they have done. So we re-packed the luggage and tried to put them to sleep. But they didnt want to sleep. They jump on the bed, they laugh, open the curtain, went into closet and scream. Abang even asked me, “What did you feed the kids today? Why they become incredible different”. I dont know where was wrong. I think I feed them normally. It just happens.

Things like this did happened once. When abang was about to go to a conference somewhere in the UK. Aqeef got a hunch about it and started to bust out his rage. But that was one year and half ago. At that time, Aminah was only a month old. Yesterday was different, with the combined energy of two outraged toddlers, it really cramp me to the bone. I felt like crying and the best thing I can think of is to return to my mum comfort and pampering. But she is too far. I have to take everything down the gut all by myself. Of course abang was around but he is a father and I am a mother. It will never be the same. I guess gone are the days when Aqeef was a quiet baby. Every housemate (yes we used to live in a shared house for about 3 months when Aqeef was a infant, when we first brought him to London) was admiring his calmness and cuteness as a baby.

Abang planned to go to the airport at 3 in the morning. So he wanted to sleep from 12 to 2.30. But he didnt get his sleep because the kids were awake until 1.30 in the morning! He was scheduled to fly from Gatwick not from Heathrow. So it’s a bit far from our house. I kept telling abang not to miss his train from victoria to gatwick because I was worried that he might fall asleep at victoria and didnt make it to board on time!

Today abang sent an SMS to me saying he arrived Switzerland safely. the kids woke up looking for daddy I told them daddy went to work. Aqeef doesnt go to school today. Aminah woke up with a happy face because Aqeef is home. Everything seems to be still under control as of this time. I hope things will be as good as when they were babies untill abang returns home!

Isteri berdikari suami tidak hilang maruah diri

Suami saya, arwah abahnya meninggal dunia ketika dia berusia 5 tahun, waktu itu adik bongsunya cuma berusia beberapa hari. Kemudian mereka dibesarkan oleh seorang emak yang tabah dan hebat.

Kita seringkali disogok dengan cerita bahawa orang lelaki suka sekiranya wanita bergantung pada dia. Namun jika lelaki tersebut insaf dan sedar bahawa dunia ini pinjaman, dirinya pinjaman kepada isteri, isteri dan anak-anak pinjaman kepada dia, dia akan memberi ruang yang sepatutnya kepada isteri dan anak-anak untuk meningkatkan kualiti diri supaya dapat berdikari tanpa sedikitpun merasa bahawa keberdikarian mereka akan merendahkan egonya sebagai suami dan bapa. Kerana sudah termaktub adat meminjam, sampai masa akan diambil semula. Jika ditakdirkan tempoh pinjamannya tamat lebih awal, sekurang-kurangnya isteri dan anak-anaknya tahu apa yang perlu dilakukan demi kelangsungan hidup.

Kaum wanita pula, sentiasalah berazam untuk memperbaiki kualiti dan kemahiran diri, jika kurang menyerlah dalam pelajaran, mungkin boleh mencuba bidang masakan, jahitan, jualan dll. Memang suami tempat bergantung, tapi selitkan juga ruang untuk mempersiapkan diri menghadapi kemungkinan-kemungkinan tidak terduga. Senangkan hati suami dengan membuktikan bahawa kita boleh berdikari sekiranya dia diambil lebih awal. Tidaklah hatinya risau sehingga dia lupa tentang pinjaman nyawa yang Allah beri dan menganggap dirinya hak milik, penyara dan penanggung mutlak isteri dan anak-anaknya.

Jika suami sekadar menjalankan urusan menyara dan menyediakan kelengkapan keluarga sebagai tugasan wajib tanpa nilai ibadah, rumah tangga akan jadi kehidupan yang hambar. Keluar pagi balik petang yang diulang hari demi hari sampai mati. Para isteri jika bangun pagi cuma berazam untuk shopping besar-besaran duit suami segeralah muhasabah diri. Juga wanita bujang yang tergetnya cuma untuk mengahwini lelaki kaya supaya kelak boleh hidup senang goyang kaki, istighfarlah. Ini bermakna hidup sudah sedikit lari daripada tujuan asal yang Allah cipta.

Sentiasalah mulakan setiap hari baru yang Allah masih berikan nikmat hidup dengan pemikiran dan perbuatan yang menjangkau akhirat, bukan sekadar untuk hidup dunia semata-mata.