What is it to be so special?

As I’ve promised, to tell you what is it to be so special. In point of fact it is mother’s day present abang intended to give me (what? a present after a week has passed?joking…joking).

So here it is,

Yesterday my husband brought me to a shop selling various type of sewing machine, from the smallest one to the biggest, from the cheapest to the most expensive like you’ll think of having a loan from the bank to open a factory after buying it. He made a survey, asking his friends where is the shop selling sewing machine at a good price. But unfortunately the shop his friend told him to go was closed yesterday. So we decided to go to Argos to buy few things. Reaching Argos, actually we wanted to buy a steriliser for Aqeef milk bottles. Checking the catalog and we didn’t found any bottle steriliser neither drying rack, but we found this sewing machine. Well it’s good for a beginner and a re-beginner like me. No doubt I’ve left the sewing arena since many years, it’s like 4-5 years after school. Then, here I come back. Thread and needles be careful of me yeah!

Owh BTW, there’s a funny story happened after I got the sewing machine. A seamstress doesn’t complete yet without a pair of scissors right? So soon after abang bought me the sewing machine, like 2-3 shops passed the Argos, I stopped at a pound shop, intending to buy a pair of big scissors. When I got the scissors (it was hanging inside the counter, so I told the cashier to pick it for me) and was about to pay, suddenly the cashier asked me for my ID. I tell her that I’m not British and I don’t have ID, but I have my international passport. It was my precipitous that I took out Aqeef passport from my hand bag. Then the cashier ask me, “is this you? This is a baby”. It was embarrassing by the way. So I took Aqeef’s passport and gave her mine. She opened at the information details and nodded her head. She explained that she just wanted to ensure that I’m really above 18 to buy a dangerous tools. Lol, am I look too young to have a pair of scissors? I’m a married woman with a son btw.

This is the so called dangerous scissors…beware, it’s big!

Ok, now I’m really excited to have a try on my new sewing machine. May be resharpen my sewing skills. See you later yeah.

*Do you notice the line addition on my header? Now I’m one!

*If abang read this (I know you’re reading my blog every day), thanks sayang. I know your love is much more bigger than the price of a sewing machine. May Allah bless our marriage and our family and we will be in love till the world ends to al-jannah. Insya Allah.


  1. Jiji Ahmad Says:

    Nak tempah baju kurung pahang boleh? ;)


  2. Firdaus Rahman Says:

    akak memang nampak muda sebab tu dia mintak id tu…
    hei budak kecik jangan main gunting,bahaya!


  3. Mrs Fifi Says:

    mrs farah, mrs fifi nak pinjam gunting boleh


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