After a hiatus

A month and almost half of going back to Malaysia, just two of me and Aqeef without abang I can still feel the incomplete atmosphere hovering around but alhamdulillah that presence of my family is a big miracle indeed. Aqeef adapting quite slowly. From a rarely flu catcher, he was very ill last week that we had to send him to hospital after a week of fever. Most people including my full of experience ma said that Aqeef is missing his daddy very badly. I wont tell others but me too. It’s impossible to not missing him especially when we are away from each other. I told abang about this and abang said, ‘takpe HALAL’. Haha. That’s how abang handles problem that comes around. Even I know deep in his heart he is missing us, especially Aqeef. He said sometimes he feels like crying seeing Aqeef’s things around the house. And I reply I cry when I see Aqeef’s face because he has a very large amount of daddy’s look.

I was on a hiatus for quite long. Reason? (10 marks)

  • These previous months I hate anything related to internet, computer and any other gadget. I feel dizzy each time I try to use them. Some know why, but iI would like to keep this reason secret for a while.
  • I was very busy with my holiday. We haven’t go back to Malaysia almost 9 months so this time it is a big thing even it is quite incomplete without abang.
  • I spend everyday of my holiday eating everything I craved for when I was at London. So much time spend for food, less time for anything else.
  • I want to spend more time to see Aqeef grows up. He is 1 year and 1 month old now. With every day passes quickly I feel that it is an injustice for him to share my time doing something else more than to look after him.
  • I am an easily irritated person now. I get bored and hate people unexpectedly. To avoid being cruel and collecting more sin I thought it was better for me to take a break from internet . But don’t worry I think now I am cured slowly.

And after all this is for abang. He misses to read this blog and keep asking me to write something.

Happy belated birthday for these two apples of my eyes. Without both of you I can’t imagine how colorless my life would be. They both got a year older on last 24th and 25th February (and yes they have almost the same birthday date). I was not so well for the pass few months so I guess this is to repay my late wishes. But we had celebrated these double birthday as a family few days before me and Aqeef went back to Malaysia. Alhamdulillah for the bounty of love Allah bestows among us, we are still together as a happy family.


  1. farhana Says:

    Hi? can u share why u berpurdah? n nice ur abaya


    Farah Reply:

    Hi back Farhana.I think you might interested to read this .There is no big reason why I started to berpurdah, just small reasons compiled together. Nice to know you and your cute son, Aqib :)


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