Of Nutella and Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs is a book. The book I’ve been waiting for almost 2 weeks had finally arrived. It is my winter book. Yes, I buy books due to a system. I name it season system. Every season 3-4 books, not including books for my study (textbook, notebook etc).

The package

The book

This book is about Jerusha Abbot (who prefer to be called Judy Abbot) a high spirited orphan who wrote unforgettable letter to “Daddy Long Legs” her anonymous benefactor.

I began to grow my interest towards this book long time ago when I was about 5-6, watching the adaptation of it into animation with mama, and my sisters. Since that I never forget about it until my husband helped me out to find this book via ebay after he saw me watching the cartoon back in youtube.

It’s a very cold wintery day outside, and I am cladding under a fleece, trying hard to digest every little word. With one finger inside Aqeef’s mouth, spooning nutella paste to him.

So I guess Nutella and book make a good combination.


  1. Sophie Says:

    it really has animated version?sounds good.i’d like to watch it.’m takin literature and now doing thesis about jean webster.can you tell me how much you bought it?and where.thank you.


    Farah Reply:

    Hi Sophie.
    It really has animated version. You can search for it in youtube. But it does not cover all the story. You better read it. I got the book from ebay, for 4.45pound, free P&P.


    Sophie Reply:

    thankyou farah.glad that you replied me asap.will definitely do everything you said.


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